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  • Offer fun employee rewards from over 100+ top retailer gift cards, charities, and even personalized rewards like swag or company parties.
  • Unlock the value of employee engagement by making employee appreciation a daily habit for your employees.
  • Make set up easy by integrating with your HRIS and communication tools.
  • Support peer-to-peer recognition, nominations, referral bonuses, service awards, and spot bonuses in the same user-friendly system.
  • Estimate the total cost of a meaningful employee recognition program, including software and rewards.
  • Envision how our customer success team will guide you through implementation, launch, and beyond!
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Deloitte research shows companies that scored in the top 20 percent for building a "recognition-rich culture" had 31 percent lower turnover rates – let's see how that translates specifically to your organization.

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Give Recognition

When giving recognition to a coworker, your message should be specific, the reason should be significant, and you should do it publicly. Assembly makes it very easy and encourages all three – especially around specificity.

Redeem Rewards

Set up all the rewards that you think will excite your team members. If you're low on ideas, we can help you pick a few based on some of the most popular choices we've seen work well. We have a library of over 50+ ideas. You can also set up paid rewards from over 600+ gift cards and charities.

Get Culture Insights

Learn everything you need to know about how your team is engaging. Our insights helped an organization uncover that some departments were working together more frequently than expected – they adjusted the office to account for that and boosted productivity >2x.

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Peer to Peer

Promote engagement and reinforce professional growth with appreciation. Empower your team with peer-to-peer recognition to praise each other for their hard work.

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Manager to Report

Save your people leader’s time and effort running recognition and rewards programs to keep your employees engaged. Track activity from the administrative dashboard.

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Incentives & Rewards

Empower your team to go the extra mile. We provide 600+ rewards with quick implementation so you can easily start giving recognition and tracking performance.