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Employee Referral & Sourcing Program

Recruiting is hard enough. We all know, the best candidates typically come from internal referrals by existing employees. The problem is that sourcing referrals even with generous incentives in place can feel like pulling teeth. Employees are busy and timing is everything. If your announcement doesn't align perfectly with someone they know is looking, they may not refer that person. Remove "timing" out of the equation and make it dead simple for employees to refer candidates anytime for roles you're trying to fill.

This Flow doubles as a lightweight referral & candidate tracking system, yet powerful enough to manage the entire hiring process if needed, whether you're a small business sourcing referrals for a few new members to the team, or an HR department running a high velocity recruitment process with hundreds of job openings.

This referral & candidate tracking system is flexible, unlike standard recruitment software or other ATS solutions. You can track all your referral candidates in one table with relevant contact information. All you need to do is set up a form for employees to submit recommendations, and let the results flow into the referral table. You could even use this template to manage the promotion of job openings across social media and job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, Craigslist, etc.). With this template as a Flow, you can build a referral and candidate tracking system to your unique specifications in no time!

With this referral & candidate tracking system and its personalized form, you, and your team of hiring managers, can each filter down to see just what matters to you. You can even filter down to track candidates by hiring manager owner. Take this referral & candidate tracking template for a spin, and you and your team can finally get back on the same page.

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