How to answer a Flow

Updated on
October 4, 2021

What is a Flow? 

A Flow is a fully customizable template that can be edited and personalized to fit your workflow’s needs (see our Flow template solutions here). You can add or remove questions, change their answer type (i.e. Dropdown, Scale, and more), who can participate and view the feed, the way you want to receive response notifications, and personalize it to match your company culture. 

For other flow help articles: see our flows hub.

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Flow template example: Give Recognition Flow

Celebrate your teammates’ successes with our Recognition Flow in Assembly! 

Who can use this feature?

Only participants in a flow can answer a flow (NOTE: by default, everyone in your Assembly is a participant in the Celebrate a Teammate flow. Anyone that is a Viewer for this Flow can see the Flow's feed.

What to expect
  • Once a flow occurrence is triggered, all participants are notified and prompted to answer the flow.
  • Unless the flow is configured to allow participants to answer at any time, participants can only answer the flow once for each occurrence (they can answer it again as soon as the flow is triggered again).
  • If a flow is configured to allow participants to answer the flow at any time, participants can answer the flow even if the flow has not been triggered (for example, Celebrate a Teammate can be answered at any time by default).

Below is a quick video showing you how to answer a flow via our Give Recognition template:

How to answer a flow

There are multiple ways to answer a flow:

  1. From the Main Feed 
  2. From the Flow Feed
  3. From a notification
To answer from the Main Feed action bar:
  1. From, make sure you are viewing the Main Feed.
  1. From the Main Feed, click Answer a flow
  1. Click the flow under Flows To Do or any flow listed under Answer Anytime
  1. Complete all of the blocks and click Post. All viewers will be able to see your response, except if you post privately.
How to post privately

All flows have private posting enabled. If posting privately, only the flow owner and the participant who is posting will be able to see the response in the main feed, flow feed, and the participant’s profile feed.

  1. After completing the steps above, before clicking Post, click the down arrow next to Post.
  1. Toggle the post privately switch on

  1. Click Post Privately. This will only notify and display in the feed for the person or people you celebrated, as well as the flow owner. 

To answer from the flow feed:

  1. From select a flow from the flow feeds list 
  1. Click Answer [Flow Name]
  1. Complete all blocks and click Post.

To answer from a notification:

  1. From click the in-app notification for the flow you have been notified to participate in OR click the button in the email notification.