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Core value alignment

Align your team around a shared mission

Whether your team is all in the same building or spread across the world, the key to success is making sure everyone is on the same page working toward the same goals.

P.S. This is a real internal recognition post!

Why is Assembly the right engagement tool for you?

Simple & intuitive

Assembly is as easy as possible to use which is why we've been able to hold a >90% adoption rate!

Security is our promise

We take security seriously. We are SOC 2 compliant and continue to invest in making sure your data is secure.

Real time HRIS sync

No more managing members in another platform – integrate with your HRIS and let Assembly manage them for you!

Organizational insights

Learn how core value alignment changes over time, who engages with who, and how teams interact.

Seamless with Slack & Teams

Crush your "not another tool" concerns and connect Assembly with your preferred chat platform!

Fun rewards & incentives

Set up fun customizable culture rewards or turn on paid rewards with access to over 600 gift cards and charities.

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What our customers
do with Assembly?

Keep it fun and simple but mostly fun

Give Recognition

When giving recognition to a coworker, your message should be specific, the reason should be significant, and you should do it publicly. Assembly makes it very easy and encourages all three – especially around specificity.

Redeem Rewards

Set up all the rewards that you think will excite your team members. If you're low on ideas, we can help you pick a few based on some of the most popular choices we've seen work well. We have a library of over 50+ ideas. You can also set up paid rewards from over 600+ gift cards and charities.

Get Culture Insights

Learn everything you need to know about how your team is engaging. Our insights helped an organization uncover that some departments were working together more frequently than expected – they adjusted the office to account for that and boosted productivity >2x.

Culture isn't one-size fits all

Customize Assembly to fit your organization's culture needs

Two people at work engaging

Employee Recognition

Promote engagement and reinforce professional growth with appreciation. Empower your team with peer-to-peer recognition to praise each other for their hard work.

A manager giving someone recognition

Manager to Report

Save your people leader’s time and effort running recognition and rewards programs to keep your employees engaged. Track activity from the administrative dashboard.

A team leader giving a shoutout

Incentives & Rewards

Empower your team to go the extra mile. We provide 600+ rewards with quick implementation so you can easily start giving recognition and tracking performance.

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Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

“With all the complications and disruptions to our daily routines due to COVID 19 in 2020, Assembly was a key part of continuing employee engagement throughout these difficult times. We are approaching the end of our first year with Assembly and looking forward to continuing the partnership into 2021.”

Shannon Townsend
Sales Execution Manager at Coca-Cola

“Assembly has been like a ‘snowball rolling down a hill’ for fostering engagement across our teams. One person sharing recognition is a catalyst for multiple team members to take a moment to recognize their coworkers contributions. That simple act of reacting to a shoutout then inspires those individuals to shoutout someone else, and all of a sudden you have a series of shoutouts flowing in.”

Adam Lewis
CEO & Founder at Apploi

“We were looking for a way to recognize employees that was fun, easy to use, and fit our budget. There’s always a lot happening. We wanted a recognition program that employees could access on the fly and in the moment, and could be tied to tangible rewards.”

Mallory Yohannan
Head of People at HelloTech