Microsoft Teams

Connect with Microsoft Teams and engage directly within Microsoft Teams and start recognizing your team members!

Connect Assembly with 

Microsoft Teams

What can this integration do?

Once Assembly is installed on your Microsoft Teams, your team can:

  • Give recognition directly in Teams
  • Receive recognition directly in Teams
  • See celebratory announcements like Birthdays and Anniversaries in Teams

How do I integrate this with Microsoft Teams Bot?

You can also directly installAssembly from the Microsoft AppSource store.

It's very simply to connect your Microsoft Teams with Assembly. Please be sure you do have Active Director admin permissions in order to access the directory. This is often required for set up and we recommend having someone from IT help you. Assuming you have the necessary access to set up, you can proceed by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Assembly integrations
  2. Click on the "Get Started" button next to Microsoft Teams

Be sure that you choose the correct Microsoft account to authenticate and from there, follow the remaining few steps to connect to the correct channel and change your company's Assembly currency if you'd like (you can change it to any emoji that fits with your company's vibe).

One extra pieces worth mentioning. The more public the channel the more successful the integration and engagement. Make sure you choose the right channel!

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