Install the Assembly Slack chat app

Updated on
March 15, 2021

If your organization uses Slack as a chat platform, you can easily integrate Assembly directly into your Slack workspace to give and view recognition directly from Slack. Whether or not you are connected to an identity provider, you always have the option to install Assembly directly into Slack.  

NOTE: This help article is for setting up Slack as a chat integration. This does not manage Assembly membership. To manage your members through Slack, please see our help article to Connect your Assembly to Slack (identity provider).

Who can use this feature?

Only Admins can set up and manage your Assembly’s Slack chat integration. This admin must also be a Slack super admin. The email address in Slack as well as Assembly must match

What to expect

  • You can connect to both Slack and MS Teams at the same time.
  • All plans can connect their Assembly account to Slack. 
  • Once you’ve connected to Slack, you (or any other Admins within your Assembly) can edit your connection settings or disconnect at any time.
  • Once installed, anyone in Slack who is part of your Assembly can give and view recognition directly from Slack. 


  1. From, click the Admin icon in the lower left corner of the left navigation bar.
  2. Under Core Settings in the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  3. Click Get Started next to Slack. This will redirect you momentarily to Slack’s website to provide authorization.
  4. If you are not logged in to the proper workspace, follow Slack’s instructions to sign in.
  5. If logged in to the desired workspace, you will be asked to give Assembly permission to access your Slack workspace. Click Allow. This will return you to Assembly.
  6. Next step is to select a default channel for recognition.

Select or create a default channel for recognition

While members can give recognition from anywhere within Slack, the channel you select will display all of the recognition given within your Assembly. We recommend having a channel specifically for recognition to make it easy to see all of the awesome things happening in your Assembly all in one place! You can adjust these settings at any time.

  1. If selecting an existing channel, you can search the list of all available public channels within your Slack workspace (you cannot select a private channel). 
  2. Select a channel (only one channel can be selected at a time). Click Next.
  3. You can also create a new public channel by clicking Create Channel and typing in the desired name of the channel. This will immediately create a new channel in your Slack workspace and include all members of your Assembly who are also in Slack.
  4. Customize your Assembly’s recognition currency (not available for Free plans) by selecting an emoji and entering a custom name for your currency. Click Next.  
  5. Determine whether you would like to announce Assembly has been added in the channel to your team. Click Next.
  6. You’re all set! From here you can invite members to Assembly or View your Assembly’s feed.

NOTE: you can add or remove any members from your Slack channel at any time directly from Slack.

Edit or Disconnect Slack Connection

  1. From, click the Admin icon in the lower left corner of the left navigation bar.
  2. Under Core Settings in the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  3. Click Quick Settings within Slack.
  4. Select a new channel or create a new channel where all your Assembly’s recognition will go. Click Save Changes to update your recognition channel. Click Close to keep your existing settings.
  5. Click Disconnect Slack to remove Assembly from your Slack workspace. Members will no longer be able to give recognition directly from Slack and all future recognition given in Assembly will no longer post in Slack. All previous recognition will remain in the Slack channel.