Rewards Discounts

Updated on
February 26, 2024

Assembly’s has partnered with to offer our customers an additional reward type called ‘Discounts’. This reward type simply provides access to the platform and the thousands of items they offer at a discounted price. 

NOTICE: This reward type is managed completely by, Assembly does not control the offerings or the prices.

Who can use this feature?

  • Only Admins can enable Discounts. 
  • When enabled, all employees will have access to the Discounts platform.

What to expect

  • For Discounts,, employees will not be able to use their points in Assembly to purchase these rewards.
  • In order to purchase the item, they will need to use a credit card to purchase the item.
  • Purchased discounted rewards will not be displayed or managed in Assembly, but rather directly by
  • Most of the discounts apply to items within the United States, however there is a sub-section for international discounts

Enable discounts

  1. Go to
  2. Turn on the ‘Discounts’ toggle
  3. When enabled, all users in your Assembly will see the ‘Discounts’ reward type in the Rewards catalog.

Purchase discounts

From the Rewards tab, click ‘Discounts’.

Click ‘Browse discounts’.

From the platform, follow the steps to select and purchase the item.

Check your email for next steps.