Searching Your Work in Assembly

Updated on
November 28, 2022

Once you’ve successfully installed the Assembly Browser Extension, you’ve done all you need in order to start searching your work.

Open a new tab, type ⌘ + Shift + Spacebar (for Mac users) or Cntrl + Shift + Spacebar (for Windows users).

Here you’ll find the Assembly Search Bar. On installation, Assembly automatically finds all of the work apps you frequently use and adds them as filters for your workplace searches.

To begin a search, press Tab or click on the search bar to start typing in your search.

Enter the name of a doc, a file, a presentation, or an application and you’ll quickly find all of the most recent and relevant sites you visited matching that search.

Filtering Using Your Work Apps

Didn’t find what you wanted? Filter your search down to just the results for the app you know you’re looking through by clicking on any of the app icons underneath the search bar.

This will filter all of the results to just those results from that specific work app making it easy for you to quickly find key sites you’ve visited within that app.

Finding Recent Work

Lose track of something you were working on recently? Assembly automatically lists your recent work browsing history on your new tab page or in the Assembly search modal, just open a new tab or call up the modal with the keyboard shortcut in order to see what sites you were just on.Filter down to a specific work app to find that Google Doc you just closed or that email you had just had open.