Updating Your Keyboard Shortcut for Chrome

Updated on
November 28, 2022

To ensure that all of your work sites are just a keystroke away, the Assembly search bar is always invokable using keyboard shortcut.

We default to ⌘ + Shift + Spacebar (for Mac users) or Cntrl + Shift + Spacebar (for Windows users).

Try it now to call the Assembly Search Bar up over this page.

If you don’t like that specific shortcut you can always change it to whatever you want and whatever works best for you.

Updating Your Keyboard Shortcut

Navigate to the Chrome Extensions panel by following these instructions.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. As shown below, at the top right, click the "More" icon (3 dot button top right) > Click "More tools" > Click "Extensions" -- You can also get here by entering "chrome://extensions/" into the Chrome address bar.

Once you've landed on the "chrome://extensions/" page, click the hamburger menu at the top left and go to Keyboard Shortcuts

Once there scroll down to find Assembly - Universal Workplace Search amongst your other browser extensions.

Update the keyboard shortcut by clicking the pencil icon next to the current shortcut called “Open Assembly Search”.

  1. Enter the shortcut preference by typing (we recommend Command + Shift + Space for Mac and Ctrl + Shift + Space for PC)

That's it, you've customized the shortcut to your liking and can now close this tab.