Connect with ADP and stop managing team members in two places. Let Assembly take the weight!

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What can this integration do?

Seamless Integration

Assembly is seamlessly integrated with ADP Workforce Now® directly. This means that you get:

  • A completely secure integration
  • Real time data updates. You only have to input the data once and it will immediately update the Assembly's system.
  • Bi-Directional: Automatic updates on the system when data is input
The Quick Details

Assembly for ADP Workforce now integrates with ADP to enable employee rewards and recognition in your organization on ADP. This integration pulls basic details of active workers from ADP Workforce Now® and onboards them on to Assembly platform application. ADP Workforce Now® workers can then use Assembly to send recognition points to their colleagues which can be redeemed for gift cards on Assembly.

  • Integration Type: Data Connector and End User
  • Data Sync Frequency: Scheduled – 24 hours
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See our ADP workplace integration, here.

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