Office 365

Connect with Microsoft Office 365 (SSO & HRIS Sync) and automatically manage your team members on Assembly!

Connect Assembly with 

Office 365

What can this integration do?

When you connect your Assembly identity manager with Office 365, you get all sorts of added benefits:

  • Employee data like name, email, department, and more stay up-to-date in real time (this data must be stored in Active Directory)
  • As an admin on a paid plan, you can select to manage members from Office 365 groups
  • Employees will can be set up to be automatically added or removed to reduce the member management required to keep Assembly members accurate

How do I integrate Office 365 with Assembly?

It's very simply to connect your Office 365 with Assembly. Please be sure you do have Microsoft Office admin permissions in order to access the directory. That is required. Assuming you have the necessary access to set up, you can proceed by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Assembly user management
  2. Click on the Office 365 option
  3. Click the "Office 365" button (bottom right)

Be sure that you choose the correct Office 365 account to authenticate and from there, follow the remaining few steps to import the correct team members and you're good to go.

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