Showing Employee Appreciation

Showing employee appreciation helps motivate employees to produce top results. It also helps retain high performers by rewardi...

February 22, 2021

Showing employee appreciation helps motivate employees to produce top results. It also helps retain high performers by rewarding them with the recognition they deserve and want. What should employee recognition look like at your company? How do you show employee recognition on a budget? How do you engage peer to peer appreciation?

Assembly is a peer to peer employee recognition platform where coworkers can easily recognize each other with meaningful messages and rewards and companies can manage culture spend with a positive and justifiable ROI.

How do you show employee appreciation? One of the easiest and best ways to show employee appreciation is with a genuine “Thank you”. Acknowledge and recognize when an employee does a great job and send a personal note to them. Some keep Thank You cardstock on hand so that when an employee does a good job, they can write out a personal card and give it to them. If you don’t have that option, send an email, or a Slack and be specific about what you appreciated and what they did a great job on. Another way is to recognize top employees on social media. Give them a shout out for a job well done for successfully completing a big project. Even though these may seem simple, kind words and public recognition go a long way.

Why is employee appreciation important? Employees want to feel appreciated for the work that they perform by leaders at their company. They want to feel that they are valued, and a part of the strategic plan a company may have in place for their goals. Involving employees in these initiatives helps gain loyalty and produces better work results. Recognizing employees for their work makes them feel their work is relevant to what the companies long term goals are and lets them know they are on the right track.

How do you show staff appreciation on a budget? There are a number of ways to show appreciation. As stated above, you can send a note, email, Slack message or post it on social media. If you are going to send an email or Slack, be sure to be specific in what you are appreciating them for. If possible, give them a gift card to a lunch spot you know they frequent. There are some companies like Assembly that integrate employee appreciation tools with Slack that make it as seamless and easy as sending a message. Assembly has a 95% employee engagement and can be easily integrated with Slack. Grow and sustain your culture with Assembly. Remember, any praise is better than no praise. Utilize the technology you have already and make it work for your company.

What are some good incentives for employees? Most employees appreciate cash, gift cards, or a little extra on their check. If you have a café, can you give out free meal vouchers? What about a company-sponsored wellness class? Bringing an instructor in for a Yoga or Pilates class so you can show appreciation for a group of employees can show you care about their wellbeing. Maybe you can reward employees with an extra day off for a job well done. People value their time, and it could be a chance for them to unwind from a stressful project.

How do you show appreciation to colleagues? Looking beyond how leaders can recognize employees, how do peers show appreciation to one another? They may not have the funds to provide gift cards or days off but what can they use?

Assembly provides a peer to peer recognition platform, that employees can utilize through Slack, to send messages of kudos, positivity, and thanks. This can encourage more employee engagement within their teams and promote more cohesive teamwork when working on a project or towards a deadline. Assembly can help employees recognize peers with meaningful messages and build a positive culture, one department at a time. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show appreciation for your team.

About the Author, Amber Mayer
Amber Mayer is a certified HR Professional, with a passion for learning and knowledge. In addition to working in HR and developing employees, Amber is learning computer programming languages and computer science to merge HR and Technology to help identify patterns and implement effective change. Amber loves writing and contributing to companies that are looking to make a positive impact on their customers and employees.