What is employee recognition and why is it so important?

Finding a job that you love can be a difficult task. As young professionals, our team grew tired of loathing Mondays, counting...

February 12, 2021

Finding a job that you love can be a difficult task. As young professionals, our team grew tired of loathing Mondays, counting down the days until the weekend, and associating work with negativity. We thought to ourselves, why does “work” have such a negative connotation when you say it out loud?

We began thinking. There has to be a way to boost employees’ happiness in the workplace. There has to be something that can be done, even in the slightest, to make employees feel important and appreciated. Right?

We did a little research. We found out that there are three broad factors that affect a professional’s level of happiness in the workplace:

  • Enjoying what you do
  • Compensation
  • Feeling appreciated and safe in the workplace

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over the first two. So, let’s focus on number three. Feeling appreciated. What does that even mean? We found that feeling appreciated in the workplace comes from something called employee recognition. According to the Business Dictionary, employee recognition is communication between management and employees which rewards employees for reaching specific goals or producing high-quality results. Recognizing or honoring employees for their good work reinforces the behavior employers would like to see repeated, while making the employee, to be simple, happy.

Think about how you perform your job when you are happy versus unhappy. Which do you think produces the best work product? Employee recognition on its face seems like the simplest idea ever. But in reality, this is the key to taking your company to the next level.

There are countless forms of employee recognition including spot bonuses, company happy hours, company trips, meetings with the CEO and employee recognition platforms.

The best part is, anyone can make an employee feel recognized. Whether it’s your boss, your teammate, or an acquaintance at your company, a little recognition goes a long way. If you want your company to be the best it can be, why not let your employees know how awesome they are?

To all the HR departments and team leaders out there, take our advice, begin filling your workplace with employees that want to be there, even if it is a Monday.