Types of tools & resources

What Tools & Resources are there for employee recognition?

The tools you use to implement and drive employee recognition are just as necessary as the program itself. The software needs to be easy to use, sticky with the employees, provide insights, and reward participants.

  • Easy to use – No one has time to learn one more tool that is not simple and intuitive. If it takes an hour to set it up, no employee will do it or go back to it. Focus on usability and time to onboard.

    Employee recognition tools need to be sophisticated behind the scenes while seamlessly integrating into the existing flow. Better yet, use one that connects to your existing communication tools like Slack or Teams to increase the adoption rate.
  • Sticky with the employees – It will be imperative to the program's success that the tool has high engagement month over month. People will be excited to start but making it easy and fun for them to engage consistently is key.

    When deciding on the software, think about how often you would want to use it and how likely you will return it.
  • Insights deep dive – Employee retention and churn are some of the companies' known measurements' success. Employee recognition programs should be a part of what contributes to retention, when done well.

    Ensure there is a quantifiable way to see how employees engage with the tool, how often they recognize each other, and what rewards they prioritize. This will help in making a case for renewals and a tremendous validation of the effort.
  • Employee rewards Rewards are a place to customize and truly make it relevant. Make recognition go beyond a thank-you but also have something that turns into a tangible reward. It can be anything from cool company swag to an extra paid day off - the sky's the limit, be as creative as you want here.

What are the free employee recognition tools? 

Assembly is an incredibly easy-to-use tool that helps build a positive workplace culture and solves all employee recognition and rewards needs in a fun and seamless way.