File storage apps: syncing & file visibility 

Updated on
November 10, 2023

Integrating file storage apps like Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box with Assembly supercharges you and your team’s access to information. Connecting a file storage app allows you to find, organize, and get answers faster with DoraAI. If you’re just getting started, see our help article on connecting file storage apps to Assembly.

Do I need to be an Admin?

You do not need to be an Admin in Assembly or your file storage app to connect an app with Assembly. However, ensure that your IT department has already enabled third-party integrations of the app you're connecting. Once approved, you can link your app to DoraAI.

How long does it take for my files to sync?

When a user connects your storage app to Assembly for the first time, the syncing process starts immediately. The time it takes for all of your files to become available in Assembly ranges from 24 hours to several days, depending on the number of files in your storage app. This time is necessary for Assembly to index your files, enhancing searchability and access speed.

Going forward, when files are edited or new files are created within a connected app, changes are most often reflected in Assembly in less than 5 min. Depending on which app you’ve connected, changes can sometimes take 1-3 hours. For specific details on your connected app, reach out to your Assembly Account Manager!

File visibility and permissions explained

The most important point to note is that Assembly respects the permissions & visibility rules that are set in your connected app. For example, if a file isn’t already visible to someone in Gdrive, it won’t be visible to them in Assembly.

With Assembly search & DoraAI, personal files that haven't been shared remain private, searchable only by the owner of the file. Files shared company-wide, however, become accessible to all team members within Assembly, promoting access to knowledge and collaboration.

When an Assembly user connects a file storage app, files become available to Assembly search & DoraAI based on the permission settings on a given file:

Files Accessible to Anyone in Your Organization

  • When any Assembly user connects for the first time, documents with permissions set to 'Anyone in my organization' become searchable in Assembly.
  • This applies to all users in the organization using Assembly, even if they haven't connected to your company’s file storage app.

Restricted Access: files shared with specific email addresses

Let’s use an example to illustrate:

  • User A creates Document A and has only shared it with Users B and C
    • If any of these three users connect, all three will have access to this file in Assembly
    • Files that are not owned by or shared to any of these users will not be discoverable in Assembly
    • If User B connects and have files that are not shared with anyone, as mentioned, those files will only be visible to User B in Assembly
  • Note for Google Drive Users: files shared with a Google Group may not be visible to the email addresses within that Google Group, unless the Group has edit permissions.