Google Drive

Integrate Assembly with Google Drive and amplify searches with Dora AI. Streamline your file access.

Connect Assembly with 

Google Drive

What can this integration do? 

Connect Assembly to Google Drive to easily access and search for all important information that is stored in Google Drive directly within Assembly. Find information faster, all in one place. To supercharge your search, try out our new Dora AI feature.

How do I integrate Google Drive with Assembly? 

  1. First, make sure you are using the new Assembly version. To switch to the new Assembly version, turn the toggle at the top of your Assembly screen to the ON position.
  2. From the top of the page in the new Assembly experience, click the puzzle icon.
  3. Click ‘Connect new app’.
  4. Select Google Drive and follow the instructions. Click ‘Finish’ when completed.
  5. Once the connection is complete and your files are synced, you will be able to view and search for them in your discover page from the search bar and also in the files page.

NOTE: each person can connect just one Google Drive account at a time.

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