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Why use this Flow?

360 Reviews are a snapshot of employees’ skills, accomplishments, challenges, and collaboration skills at a moment in time. It could be used as a part of performance evaluation, regular review, or drive transparency. Our 360 Review template allows you to easily create and customize it to fit your needs and structure over time.  

The 360 Review Flow allows you to: 

  • Have a structured format for the most valuable responses and feedback 
  • Make the results visible to your selected group of people 
  • Create long and short-form type questions to get qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Results all in one place, not all over the place 

Remember that managers’ feedback is essential, but it is not a complete picture since they do not engage with an employee every day. Bring simplicity and transparency to evaluations with the 360 Review template. Start using the 360 Review template today and access over 40+ templates that focus on accessing insights and bringing visibility to the organization. 

Get the complete picture of your employees and utilize the 360 Review template to design a cohesive and personalized flow that suits your organization.

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