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Why use this Flow?

Daily Recap is a great way for employees to summarize their work and accomplishments while also giving a manager an overview of how the team’s projects are progressing daily. It’s a helpful tool for monitoring the development of taste and getting ahead of any challenges. The Daily Recap Flow enables you to create a process that is simple, easy, and actionable. 

This Flow gives you an option to: 

  • Have consistent information on progress and individual performance 
  • Get ahead of any challenges and roadblocks
  • Create a culture of accountability and transparency 
  • Minimize the number of meetings needed

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Your Daily Recap Flow is fully customizable to include what is most important to you - progress, roadblocks, plans, collaborations - you name it (or more like add it).

Stop spending all day in meetings and get more valuable information from your team and their progress with Daily Recap Flow.

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