Employee Exit Interview Template

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Why use this Flow?

The process and information that can be gathered when an employee is leaving are equally as valuable as the onboarding process. Regardless of the circumstances, an exit interview and survey are helpful ways to learn about internal challenges and wins, get honest feedback and provide valuable final information. Use a structured and organized way to have an exit interview with the Employee Exit Interview template. 

Our Employee Exit Interview Flow provides you with the ability to: 

  • Create a detailed yet comprehensive exit interview for an employee 
  • Get qualitative and quantitative feedback 
  • Organize exit interview results and notes in one place 
  • Share valuable tidbits with other stakeholders and control visibility 

When an employee decides to leave the company, it can shock the organization, especially if there were no issues prior. An exit survey is a great tool to get meaningful and honest feedback that would otherwise leave an employee. Implement a thoughtful Employee Exit Interview template to get the most out of the conversation. 

Dig deeper into the reasons behind the decision, learn more about areas that need improvement to increase employee engagement and retention by utilizing the Employee Exit Interview template for the flow of the conversation.

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