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Why use this Flow?

Do you have insight into what your employees are genuinely thinking and wondering about? If not, it is time to implement the Ask Me Anything Flow. Give everyone in the company a place to ask senior management, or anyone else in the company for that matter, a question or raise a problem they might not feel comfortable coming forward with. The total customization of the Ask Me Anything template helps make it fit your organization or department.

Ask Me Anything Flow is a way to:  

  • Have employee ask questions, anonymously or not, in a structured way
  • Gather feedback that otherwise would be missed all in one place 
  • Create a culture of honest and open communication
  • Improve the visibility into plans and necessary pivots 

Enable employees to foster direct communication and ask questions in a non-stressful environment. The Ask Me Anything template helps management, product, and any other teams learn and grow together. Sign up to access today and get over 40 different templates focused on driving engagement and communication.

Connect, talk and grow together as a company through an easy-to-use Ask Me Anything template. Check out today to see how to get started quickly.

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