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Why use this Flow?

Executive team communications with the rest of the employees are incredibly valuable, and even more so the CEO & Executive updates for the rest of the organization. It sets the tone for the overall culture, transparency, priorities and collaboration. The best way to share important updates or information from the CEO & Executive level is with the CEO & Executive Updates Flow. It is fully customizable to match the needs and the type of information being shared while allowing for a consistent check-in point from the leadership. 

The CEO & Executive Updates Flow provides: 

  • Opportunity to communicate in a simple and easy to digest manner with the rest of the organization 
  • A way to personalize it to fit the existing company culture 
  • A template for sharing important information and retrospective with the employees 
  • Unique ability to bring events and people to light

Incorporate the CEO Updates Flow today to maximize the communication channels within the company and make it seamless to share valuable updates. Sign up for the Updates Beta Flow today and get additional 30 templates that will improve productivity within the team.

CEOs and Executives have a profound impact on the internal culture and relationships so make it a smooth process with CEO & Executive Updates Flow. Simply add, customize and share the valuable information and make the most out of a unique touchpoint opportunity. 

Drive employee engagement and leadership approval with an easy to use and consume CEO & Executive Updates flow.

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