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Why use this Flow?

Staying connected with the team or department is important whether everyone is working remotely, in the office, or doing a hybrid approach. Have a designated place for all group updates, communications, or information sharing to stay connected and engaged. Check out the Group Feed template to see how it can help share updates and keep in touch. 

Our Group Feed Flow allows you to:  

  • Have a specific place for all updates and group messages 
  • Connect within specific groups on projects, tasks, or timelines 
  • Control who is added, removed to the feed 
  • Drive engagement and transparency within the team 

Stay connected with your team and informed on anything significant with the Group Feed template. Start using it now and get exclusive access to 40+ other templates that promote engagement, transparency, and productivity. 

Improve how your team communicates and engages with one another with the easy-to-use Group Feed Flow. Start building a stronger and more connected team today.

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