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Why use this Flow?

Help your company generate and evaluate ideas that could help with growth and revenue. Before any product sees the light of day, it goes through many stages from idea creation to validation, research, scoping, and more. Create a flexible and structured way for anyone in your company to bring creative ideas to light with an Idea Management template. Don’t miss out on the next big product by not establishing an easy-to-follow process.

Our Idea Management template is inspired by Amazon's PR FAQs format. A Press Release (PR) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a customer-centric document for designing new products. It is an idealized future “Press Release” (PR) and associated FAQs. The PR FAQ is the starting point for your other product documents and ideas. The biggest strength of PR FAQs is that they can be understood by anyone in an organization and enables anyone from all levels to share their ideas in a format that anyone can read and evaluate.

Our Idea Management Flow is a fantastic solution for:  

  • Having an organized way for idea-generating, sourcing, and development 
  • Encouraging critical thinking and transparency about possible product features
  • Cross-functional brainstorming and evaluation 
  • Employee engagement and communication from the bottom up 

Effectively manage internal ideas and stay competitive in the market. Gather and develop ideas with the customizable Idea Management template. Sign up to access today and get over 40+ other templates that will make your team more efficient and competitive. 

Don’t let any ideas slip through the cracks with the Idea Management template. Maximize internal knowledge and creativity to improve existing processes.

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