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Why use this Flow?

An internal wiki tool is an invaluable resource for existing and, even more so, new employees. Imagine starting a new job and figuring out who to contact for things, how everything works, and the basics. This is where an internal wiki comes into play. If done correctly, it is a resource with unlimited potential to make the employees’ lives easier. The Internal Wiki tool provides a smooth transition for anyone first joining your company to ensure a comfortable start and help with collaboration.

The Internal Wiki Flow allows you to: 

  • Have a single place for company policies, processes, and produces 
  • Simplify and remove the stress from onboarding with all information in one place 
  • Gather together training and specific team onboarding materials 
  • Share everyday activities, holidays, and important events 

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The Internal Wiki can be used for a myriad of actions beyond just onboarding - utilize it for common customer questions, training, policies, etc. It will become a flow that unlocks your ability to focus on getting the job done.

Improve internal collaboration and communication with the Internal Wiki Flow. Enjoy a much smoother onboarding experience, internal engagement, and accountability.

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