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Why use this Flow?

Manager feedback is one of the main ways an employee can get a sense of their performance, opportunities for growth and improvement, and overall career development possibilities. Having a structured way to collect the feedback from a manager in a cadence that proves to be useful is incredibly important and valuable for an overall feeling of value at work. The Manager Feedback template is designed to give the freedom of customization along with the ability to collect, monitor, and track feedback.

The Manager Feedback Flow is an excellent way to: 

  • Organize the feedback from one on ones or performance evaluations  
  • Set goals together and track against them consistently 
  • Observe the growth over time and reflect on the progress made 
  • One place with all the feedback in an easily accessible and digestible format 

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Manager feedback is an integral part of employee development, and the tools you use should make it easy to collect, track and collaborate on them.

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