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Why use this Flow?

Taking meeting notes is often considered burdensome and quite tedious, but it doesn't have to be! The Meeting Notes template provides an effortless way to take and keep track of written notes, takeaways, and action items. The critical thing with meeting notes is that they need to be highly adaptable and adjustable to different meeting structures and meeting flows.

This Meeting Notes template allows you to: 

  • Keep track of progress, action items, relevant updates related to meetings 
  • Share and include all stakeholders to promote collaboration 
  • Customize basic information like date, subject, teams, roles, etc 
  • Create and follow an agenda to drive consistency

Add structure and simplicity to your meetings with the Meeting Notes template. Keep all parties informed while providing a resource for the future. Interested? Sign up today and get access to 40+ templates designed to bring structure and add productivity. 

The Meeting Notes templates is designed to allow you to note taking a simple activity that doesn't take away from the meeting itself. Design, customize, share and prioritize future actions.

Be present in the meeting and actively participate by letting Meeting Notes Flow do the heavy lifting of organizing and structuring information.

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