Product Feedback Template

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Why use this Flow?

Having access to external opinions and feedback on your product is essential and imperative for overall growth and success. The best way to get the most value out of that feedback is through a centralized and organized template. The Product Feedback template simplifies the process of getting the actionable feedback you need.

The Product Feedback Flow makes it easy to: 

  • Design actionable and intentional questions that will improve your product 
  • Create a concise form for getting feedback
  • Encourage other team members or external audience to share their experience. 
  • Have a single place for gathering and analyzing the feedback

The most successful organizations thrive and depend on feedback to improve their product and grow. Sign up today for the Product Feedback template and get over 40+ templates that will remove the friction in your day-to-day work.

Capture relevant information from any stakeholder through various question types, measure it, and optimize for success.

Best part? You can customize it to fit any product or feature type, various types of questions to maximize the feedback. 

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