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Why use this Flow?

Keeping the organization informed on the changes and growth consistently helps keep employees engaged and interested in getting involved. A Weekly Updates template is a valuable tool for sharing news about the company and its progress, updates on recent hires and openings, and information about upcoming events or holidays. The Weekly Updates template can become an integral part of the weekly communications with the rest of the organization. 

With the Weekly Updates template, you can: 

  • Combine important events about the previous week in an easy to consume way
  • Inform employees about important dates and activities
  • Encourage happy hours and employee engagement 
  • Celebrate significant milestones and show appreciation for employees’ contributions
  • Regularly communicate with the rest of the team in an organized way. 

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Provide your team with maximum transparency in the workplace to drive trust and loyalty. Allow for a consistent and standardized way to keep everyone in your company informed. Utilize Weekly Updates template to create better and more open internal communication.

Improve existing processes to fit your needs while giving the team a chance to be involved.

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