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Why use this Flow?

Why do we spend weeks avoiding tasks that will take us 10 minutes to do? We put off tasks because there’s reason not to put the task off. Sometimes there are consequences to putting off small tasks but many times, there aren’t. Celebrating the things you’ve done can help you get around this.

Our Wins List Flow allows you to:

  • Write down and retain a list of tasks you complete
  • Store and rediscover your wins for the day, week, month, even year!
  • Personally celebrate wins of all types
  • Overcome procrastination that we all want to break through

We know it might feel corny at first but even if you do or don’t manage a to-do list, write in the task you do complete. Check them off in your mind and treat them as wins from your day with our Wins List template. Customize the template to fit the needs of yourself, your team, department, or even for your entire company. Start utilizing the Wins List template today and, in addition, get access to over 40+ templates that improve the way you work.

Have a single place for keeping track of wins of all sizes. Start using the Wins List template today and build a culture and habit of celebrating wins!

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