Employee Pulse Survey Template

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Why use this Flow?

Employee satisfaction at work and general views on the processes have an enormous effect on the overall productivity. That is why it is vital to rely not only on the quarterly or yearly surveys to the team but also utilize Pulse Checks. It’s an invaluable way to get a good understanding of the important issues for your staff and gather quick targeted feedback from employees. The Pulse Survey template gives an easy to use internal communication check to maximize employee engagement.

This Flow allows you to: 

  • Get a quick understanding of how employees are doing  
  • Allow for a fast and easy way to collect current feedback 
  • Implement a frequent touch point to maximize efforts 
  • Access and manage all results from one place

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Pulse Surveys should be easy to create, simple to answer and drive for better experience. With Pulse Survey template you can customize your check-ins with employees and continuously improve employee experience at work.

Have action-focused conversations with your employees and create a collaborative internal culture.

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