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Why use this Flow?

Employee recognition is one of the most important drivers of company culture and employee retention. When done correctly, employee recognition is seamlessly integrated into daily workflow and allows everyone to feel valued by their peers and managers. With the Give Recognition Flow employees can recognize each other for the work well done, publicly celebrate them and redeem those recognitions for fun rewards. 

This Flow helps to: 

  • Build a culture of internal appreciation and recognition 
  • Publicly celebrate great work and support each other 
  • Have fun with cultural rewards and perks 
  • Encourage peer-to-peer employee recognition 

Watch your company culture flourish with the help of Give Recognition Flow. Access the Beta Recognition Flow today to implement the recognition culture in your organization in less than an hour. Additional perk: get access to over 40+ other templates that will improve your workflow and productivity.

Giving Recognition Flow promotes a healthy and fun way to show appreciation at a workplace while driving employee engagement and giving a boost to internal morale.

Sign up for the Give Recognition Flow today and make it a part of every employee’s experience to feel valued for what they do.

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