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Why use this Flow?

eNPS score is a quick and easy way to find out how employees feel about the company, its values, internal culture, and how likely they recommend it to others. Over time, tracking this information can provide insight into company improvements, growth, and areas that still need attention. eNPS score is also an excellent way to inform potential talent about the quality of internal culture. 

Our eNPS Flow allows you to: 

  • Design a survey to track employee satisfaction and the likelihood of them recommending it to someone else 
  • Have historical data on company growth and validate HR efforts to improve culture 
  • Use it as a quick pulse check on overall internal happiness 
  • Gather actionable results and share them with the select stakeholders 

Use eNPS template to guide HR efforts, provide management with a truthful indication of internal culture, and drive future actions. Start using eNPS Flow today and access 40+ other templates that are focused on improving internal culture, providing extra visibility and accountability. 

Find out exactly where employees stand and how likely they are to be advocates of the company with an easy to run eNPS template that can be personalized to fit your organizational needs.

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