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Why use this Flow?

Bringing new talent on is always an exciting time for a company. To make it a smooth process and set both sides up for success a company needs to have a clear understanding of how the new person works, thinks and operates. Introduce the New Hire Survey template to create a streamlined process to enable your workforce to succeed. Find out about their preferences, ideal work hours and style to empower them to do great things. 

New Hire Survey Flow allows you to: 

  • Gather information to assist with onboarding and the first 30 days 
  • Learn more about the new hire and how they like to work 
  • Create a library of valuable and interesting information about employees to help bonding
  • Get ahead of potential roadblocks that could slow down your workforce 

Set up your workforce for success by getting ahead of any challenges they might have and learning more about them. Start using the New Hire Survey template today and get access to over 40 other templates designed to maximize employee engagement and happiness.

Create and grow successful businesses with employees that are excited to work there. Start with a flawless onboarding through the New Hire Survey Flow.

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