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Why use this Flow?

Having standup meetings is an important touchpoint for a lot of teams, tech or not. Being able to have a quick check-in on agenda items, priorities, road loads and progress helps employees align and work together better. A much-needed part of the standup meetings are notes or someone keeping track of the overall plans and progress. Standup Flow helps teams stay connected and aligned on what they are doing and being able to clearly assess how to move forward towards achieving business goals.

With the Standup Meeting Flow you can: 

  • Organize the notes/flow to match your exact standup meeting process 
  • Take the notion of who is working on what and their progress or problems 
  • Look back to review the work that was done 
  • Highlight potential areas that require meetings or managerial input 
  • Share or tag other team members to improve transparency\

It’s vital to create opportunities for teams to stay connected and working towards the same company goals. Whether your workforce is remote or not, enabling employees to help each other succeed during Standup is going to improve collaboration and productivity. Implement the Standup Meeting Flow to see the impact it can have on overall engagement and work process.

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Empower your employees to work smarter with the Standup Meeting Flow that is fully customizable and personalized to fit the unique needs of your team. It seamlessly integrates with the tools your team already uses and has zero ramp-up time.

Improve the team productivity today and drive towards business success.

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