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Why use this Flow?

Having an easy and quick way for an internal check-in can provide a much-needed engagement point for coworkers and managers alike. Check-ins are typically a short meeting to get a pulse check on how projects will gain a deeper understanding of a specific issue and remove any existing roadblocks. Managers and employees alike could use check-in to benefit their productivity and happiness at work. Test our Check-in template to build stronger internal relationships and do better work. 

Our Check-in Flow is excellent for: 

  • Connecting internally and externally to get an update on the progress of the project  
  • Identifying roadblocks and tracking improvements over time
  • A structured way to communicate between team members and managers 
  • Gathering feedback to improve the quality of work 

Don’t underestimate the importance of having additional ways to check in with colleagues and managers and empower yourself to do better work. Sign up and start using our Check-in Flow template now to get access to 40+ templates that focus on improving the quality of work and relationships.

Uncover roadblocks and check in on how your coworkers are doing with a fully customizable template. Implement Check-in Flow today to start seeing immediate results in everyday work.

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