Flows | An overview

Updated on
August 7, 2021

What is a Flow? 

A flow is a fully-customizable template that can be edited and personalized to fit your workflow’s needs (see our Flow template solutions here). You can personalize any flow to match your organization’s needs by adding or removing blocks (questions), changing the block types (i.e., dropdown, multiple choice, scale, and more), and choose who can participate in the flow and view the flow’s content.

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Who can use this feature?

Assembly admins determine who has permission to create flows. The flow owner determines who can participate in and view a flow.

  • Flow owners own the flow (they may also be the person who created the flow, but the person who created the flow can change the owner to someone besides themselves). The flow owner determines when the flow runs, who the participants and viewers are, and the content of the flow, and can edit the flow at any time. The flow owner is always a viewer, and they can also be a participant.
  • Participants answer a flow and receive notifications whenever a flow they participate in is running. Participants can also be viewers. If a participant is not a viewer, then they can only see their own posts.
  • Viewers can see the feed and the posts for the flow of which they are viewers. Viewers can also be participants. 

How do Flows work?

  1. Once a flow is created, if the flow has a shortcut (what is a shortcut?) participants can answer the flow at any time
  2. Regardless of whether the flow has a shortcut, the flow owner can run the flow at any time. 
  3. Once the flow is running, participants have until the flow deadline (as determined by the flow owner) to answer the flow.
  4. Once a participant answers the flow, their post will display in the main feed, the flow feed, and that participant’s profile feed.
  5. Participants can always see their own posts, but only viewers of a flow can see posts from all of the participants.

What is Celebrate a Teammate?

We moved our Recognition experience into its very own flow called “Celebrate a Teammate.” This flow allows you to recognize and reward anyone in your company for all of the amazing things they do.

  1. By default, all members of your Assembly are participants in and viewers of this flow.
  2. This flow cannot be triggered, but it exists as a shortcut so participants can answer it at any time
  3. This flow still works with our Slack and MS Teams integrations.

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