Intranet Disadvantages

What are the Disadvantages of Having an Intranet?

What are some disadvantages of the intranet? That is the question on your mind right now. With all the benefits of intranet software listed here, you might be waiting for the catch. Well, every rose has its thorns. Here are some drawbacks of using intranet technology in your office:

  1. Excessive Information

The primary purpose of an intranet is to provide a unified location for company information. This strength can also be a weakness. Employees can easily be overwhelmed and need clarification with all the information in one place. 

This becomes worse if the intranet needs to be adequately optimized. The result is that workers would stop using the system, returning to the inefficient communication tools that they're used to. 

  1. Vulnerability to security breaches

One frequently asked question about these systems is, 'What are the risks of intranet projects?' This is a major one. 

It is another issue with consolidating company information in one location. With multiple data stores, a hacker must hack all of them individually to access confidential information. However, once an intranet has been breached, all an organization's information is bare.

A ready-made software like Assembly has adequate security measures to prevent these breaches, but a self-built one may not. Keep this in mind if you're building an intranet on your own. 

  1. Difficult adoption process

You'll have to educate your employees on how to use every new technology introduced to your workplace. Most intranets, however, are a bit more complex. 

These systems usually require a complete overhaul of your business's communication methods. That means you'll spend hours of valuable time educating your workers on the software's features. This would be better spent elsewhere.