Intranet Use Cases

What are the Different Use Cases for an Intranet?

An intranet offers several ways to collaborate and communicate effectively, depending on your needs. These are some of the ways it can be used:

1. Human resources operations: Organizations conduct and store performance appraisals and onboarding processes within their intranet privacy purposes. In addition, the intranet is one of the best places to recognize and reward employees for their efforts, creating a more appealing internal brand image. 

2. Central repositories: Organizations store important information on the intranet with authorizations to streamline usage. Federated workplace search is a must to be able to find important information quickly. AI Workplace Assistant can save countless hours on surfacing key information, providing summaries and more.

3. Effective communication: With a central place to access information, employees are better aligned and communicate effectively. Assembly’s Group Feed is an excellent workflow for your team to communicate and store critical information that is easily accessible when needed.

4. Document Management: Intranets can store and manage documents. It is a platform where employees can safely exchange ideas on documents without fear of external exposure. 

5. Task and Project Management: Companies use project management tools and integrations to manage workflows better on the intranet. Teams can assign tasks and manage deadlines and progress. With Assembly’s integrations, your intranet becomes a one-stop hub for the start to completion of all projects.

6. Employee Engagement: An intranet helps to keep a good level of engagement within an organization. This could be in the form of real-time messaging and video calls. 

7. Knowledge Sharing: Organizations use the intranet for knowledge management to store their policies, processes, and best practices. Assembly’s knowledge base is the perfect knowledge hub that allows teams to organize and access information efficiently and quickly.

8. Discussion Forums: Employees also exchange ideas, seek advice and collaborate on projects in the intranet. 

9. Automation: Team activities can be automated in the intranet. Employees get reminders about repetitive activities and sessions. In addition, they can set their current statuses through various integrations.

10. Internal News and Updates: Organizations use the intranet to share company updates and announcements, keeping employees updated. With Assembly’s News Feed template, keeping employees informed and up to date in the most fun and engaging way becomes a walk in the park.